Past the Pandemic (PTP): Individual Wellbeing, Connection and Support – Canvas Course

This self-paced asynchronous interactive course offers the same curriculum as the Past the Pandemic ECHO series, but without a live session commitment. Six modules will include short videos, optional reflection exercises, interactive features such as live polls, and more. You will be invited as a student into this course and be able to access the material and resources in your own time.

This course offers health care providers and other staff who work in health care settings strategies to name, normalize, and validate worries and experiences during this pandemic and beyond. Each topic will have self-paced video modules that provide helpful, tangible tools in a psychoeducational format. By understanding stress along a continuum, participants will learn to manage stress and loss, increase capacity to prevent burnout, elevate connectedness and mindfulness, and promote self-efficacy and quality patient care.

Topics include:

  1. Stress and the Human Machine: Impact of Stress on Mind, Body & Living a Life You Love
  2. Digging Deeper: How the Biology of Stress Informs Burnout Prevention
  3. Managing Grief and Finding Meaning
  4. Connection: Strengthening Relationships and Support
  5. Stress Management: Prioritizing Sleep and Calming Practices
  6. Using Mindfulness in Everyday Life

This course also offers an optional Track for Leaders with guidance for how to integrate these tools into your workplace and teams. Participants are also invited to join a weekly Resource Rooms on targeted topics to connect and share experiences, and also have access to our free PTP Toolkit that aligns with the series content.

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