Switchback Institute

It is our honor to serve health care and medical personnel with an opportunity for 7 teams to participate in a year-long program designed to build individual and team resilience, connectedness, and effectiveness.  The program includes participation in a recovery retreat, an assessment of team intelligence leading to a team development plan, and team coaching to support a team to reach their goals.  It is our intention that you will have tools needed to sustain consistent professional growth and resilience both individually and collectively. Most importantly, we want your teams to be reunited with the passion that took them into the health care field.

What constitutes a team?

Teams are identified as work groups from the same agency numbering no greater than 16. Two smaller groups from the same organization may be considered if they are willing to work together as one; Teams larger than 16 may count as two teams for us to adequately serve each team in the program.

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