Leadership Learning Series

Cultivating Organizational Wellness: A Learning Series for Health Care Managers & Leadership

This series of self-paced, web-based modules provide health care managers and leadership evidence-based guidance to promote a culture of organizational wellness. New modules will be released monthly. Topics have been identified by workplace wellness experts and leadership nationally as both timely and compelling. Examples of topics include organizational tenacity, tailored whole health, transparency and trust, suicide prevention and mental well-being, decreasing employee churn, critical conversations with peers and employees, enhancing staff autonomy, trauma-informed leadership, and high utility wellness metrics.

Do you still have questions about our Leadership Learning Series?
Contact the Behavioral Health & Wellness Program (BHWP) at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Department of Psychiatry for more information.

Past Leadership Learning Series

Leadership Learning Module 1
July 2023

Leadership Learning Module 3
November 2023

Leadership Learning Module 5
March 2024

Leadership Learning Module 2
September 2023

Leadership Learning Module 4
December 2023

Leadership Learning Module 6
May 2024