Greater Resilience Information Toolkit (GRIT) Training

GRIT was developed by the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. This is a free online self-guided resilience training that can be used within your own social networks after your community has experienced a trauma. GRIT trains participants to promote wellness and resilience in the wake of stress or disasters. Strengthening coping and spreading support can have a positive impact on healing and resilience for everyone.

The GRIT Core Program is a set of short, self-paced modules that will show you how to build resilience in your circle. You’ll learn how to help family, friends, and neighbors build resilience, see beyond their trauma, and move into a better tomorrow. You can become a GRIT Coach in just a few hours.

During this short course, you will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of resilience, common stress responses in disasters, and stress-related problems
  • Develop tools to help build strength and resilience within your friends, family groups, and throughout your entire community
  • Learn how to support and listen to someone who is struggling with a disaster or hardship
  • Strengthen your coping skills, self-efficacy, and resilience while helping others around you do the same
  • Recognize the signs of when someone may need a formal mental health counselor and how and where to refer your friends and loved ones
  • Gain access to valuable community resources and learn how to guide individuals to additional resources when needed

When you sign up for the GRIT training, you will have access to the GRIT Core track as well as four additional tracks designed to address events experienced by health care and public health workers (GRIT-4Health), educators (GRIT-4ED), small business owners and leadership (GRIT-LEAD), and military and first-responders (GRIT-SERVE). You will also have access to multiple resources and additional content.

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