First Priority Peer Support Program (FPPSP)

Through this hybrid training program, you will learn the knowledge and skills to act as a peer supporter for your co-workers. Peer supporters proactively reach out and are ready to respond when needed. As a peer supporter, you will provide support for daily work and life stressors as well as respond to peers after critical or stressful events. You offer immediate help and assistance and, if necessary, refer your peers to an appropriate professional resource.

FPPSP trains peer supporters in a variety of mental health topics, confidentiality, and crisis navigation. Once you complete the FPPSP training, you can receive ongoing monthly support through FPPSP monthly supervision meetings and quarterly FPPSP trainings.

This is an advanced training for volunteer employees to become peer supporters. The FPPSP includes approximately 12 hours of pre-work and 4-hours of live training.

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